What to Expect

This is usually one of the very first questions we hear after families find out they're expecting multiples.  What can I expect while pregnant with twins? How can I survive triplets? What do I do now?  This is why the greatest benefit of our club is our social network. Even if you never make it to an event (though, we promise, we'll teach you how to leave the house with multiples!), our online group of parents are always here to answer any questions you may have, whether during pregnancy or through the school years, and everything in between.  Need to know the best mini van?  We've done our research. Want to know which restaurants in Springfield are kid friendly? We know that too! Curious how to breastfeed triplets? Which doctors are best for peanut allergies? How to fly with multiple babies? We've "been there, done that", as one of our monthly feature articles says in our newsletter, The MultipliCity Beat.  You don't have to do this alone. We're here for you, let us help!

Meeting Location

Hang Out With Us!

Normally, our general meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, September-April, in Broomall, PA.  Currently, most in-person functions have gone online in order to keep us all as safe and healthy as possible during the pandemic*.  If you're curious about our club, you're welcome to join us for one of our virtual meetings and check us out. Each of our meetings include social time, a short business meeting, and an invited speaker on topics of interest to our members.
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In addition to our monthly meetings, we also have many annual events for the whole family*. We take a hayride in the fall, throw a holiday party in December, a Spring Fling in the spring, a summer picnic, and an end of year bash.  There are a lot of random events mixed in as well, whenever there's interest. We've had several playdates at parks around the surrounding counties, a trip to Storybook Land, a couple's night out at Xscape the Room in Media, a manicure night, a painting night, movie nights, and family movies under the stars.  We have something happening nearly every week, and members can come to as much or as little as they like.

We hold fundraisers throughout the year to help fund our events so that they remain affordable. We know what it's like to pay at least double for everything!  We've also been very fortunate to have direct donations from members of the community.  We also use some of those funds to help with local charities, like the Ronald McDonald House, Cradles to Crayons, and Philabundance. In addition to helping others, our fundraisers also often directly help our members, such as our efforts with Mabel's Labels or Oasis Family Fun Center.  Other times, members benefit from discounts for multiples, like our group ticket sales to Dutch Wonderland and Hershey.

Here at MultipliCity, we try to have a little something for everyone.  We encourage you to indulge in whatever aspects of the club suit you best, and to share any ideas you have for new ways we can help and have fun with each other.  Moms, dads, and everyone in between, we're happy to have you!

*Though the pandemic has changed what our socializing looks like, it definitely hasn't stopped us.  We're still taking care of each other every way we can.

"MultipliCity - Delaware Valley Families of Multiples" is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization under Multiples of America, and a registered charitable organization in the state of Pennsylvania.

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