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Hershey Park Group Tickets

  • Sat, March 25, 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Purchase discounted Hershey Park tickets here. Add guest registrations below for each additional ticket you want beyond the first one.
  • If you wish to purchase parking vouchers ahead of time, use this option.

Registration is closed

Once again, MultipliCity is offering discounted Hershey Park tickets.

Tickets are $44 each, and if you would like a parking pass it is an additional $20.

Tickets are good through January 1, 2024.

During the summer season they are also good for twilight hours the evening before your visit (3 hours prior to park closing).

Payment by check can be made out to MultipliCity - DVFMC and mailed to:

 Jessica Riggleman
564 Rutgers Ave
Swarthmore, PA 19081

or you can pay via Venmo directly to Suzanne, who is placing the order.


All orders must be received by March 25th.

This is a big fundraiser for our club because for every 10 tickets we sell we get one free so please consider selling to friends, family, and, co workers.  

"MultipliCity - Delaware Valley Families of Multiples" is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization under Multiples of America, and a registered charitable organization in the state of Pennsylvania.

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